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Aleksei Navalny, a Putin Critic, Is Barred From a Presidential Run

MOSCOW — A Russian judge indicted Aleksei A. Navalny, a restriction government official and one of the Kremlin’s most appealling pundits, of misrepresentation charges on Wednesday, a move that bars him from running for the administration one year from now.

President Vladimir V. Putin — in power since 1999, as president, then head administrator and again as president — is relied upon to look for a fourth term one year from now. Mr. Navalny was broadly viewed as the main reasonable opponent.

Mr. Navalny was given a five-year suspended jail sentence; fined 500,000 rubles, or about $8,400; and banished from taking an interest in the race. He and his supporters rejected the allegation — that he stole about $500,000 worth of timber from a state-claimed organization — as unjustifiable and politically roused.

“We don’t perceive this decision, and it will be upset,” Mr. Navalny told writers in a commonplace court in Kirov, almost 600 miles east of Moscow. “I have the privilege to partake in races, as indicated by the Constitution, and I will battle for that.”

On Twitter, he expressed: “Putin and his pack of cheats are hesitant to face us in races. As it should be: We will win.”

The long legitimate decision was like a judgment issued against Mr. Navalny in 2013, which additionally brought about a five-year suspended sentence. That decision was toppled by the European Court of Human Rights, and Russia’s Supreme Court requested another trial.

Mr. Navalny had been a main thrust behind huge challenges in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Mr. Putin has tried really hard to find all real resistance in the nation. Significant TV channels have been put under the administration’s control and transparently basic political figures have been underestimated. A few conspicuous columnists, lawmakers and human rights activists have been killed under puzzling conditions, with a significant number of the cases staying unsolved.

In a nation where dissenters are as often as possible quieted, banished or killed, even the political restriction must experience some quantify of government endorsement, and the Kremlin has now and again thought that it was valuable to give pundits a chance to vent against a reviewed competing accomplice.

In spite of the prior conviction, Mr. Navalny was permitted to keep running for leader of Moscow, gathering 27.2 percent of the vote, barely shy of the edge to send him into an overflow against the legislature supported competitor. The Kremlin presumably needs to maintain a strategic distance from a rehash of that circumstance in the race for the administration.

Valery Solovei, a political investigator and teacher at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, said the decision showed that the Kremlin was not willing to hazard a Navalny office.

“This was talked about from the earliest starting point, regardless of whether to permit him to run or not, and doubtlessly with Mr. Navalny, the crusade will be all the more vivacious,” Mr. Solovei, who is known for having accurately anticipated large portions of the Kremlin’s past moves, said in a meeting with the radio station Ekho Moskvy.

“However, aren’t the dangers too enormous?” he stated, alluding to the Kremlin’s reasoning. “I have an inclination that individuals have the need, the urban class, not just the center one, that something has changed, that they got exhausted of what is going on.”

Mr. Navalny’s representative, Kira Yarmysh, said by means of Facebook that they would request the decision and document objections with Russia’s Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

The prosecutors had denounced Mr. Navalny of stealing 16 million rubles, or about $500,000 at the time, by acquiring wood from a state-possessed organization at beneath market rates and after that exchanging it at market esteem. The agents said Mr. Navalny utilized his position at the time as an associate to the Kirov local senator to convince the organization to sign the agreement.

Mr. Navalny denied the charges, saying the timber was purchased at typical market rates.

The new decision was, word for word, practically indistinguishable to the one in 2013. As the judge, Aleksei Vtyurin, read his choice in a scarcely capable of being heard voice, Mr. Navalny took to Twitter to ridicule the procedures.

“This is page 40 now, and there are 77 of them. It’s agreeable to have the current decision,” Mr. Navalny said from the court.

He likewise said on Twitter that an administrator had requested that prosecutors explore Mr. Navalny’s new battle central command in St. Petersburg. Mr. Navalny said he would attempt to keep the workplace open yet that his crusade would proceed even without one.

A Russian law restricts crooks serving a sentence for a grave wrongdoing from remaining for office, however the Constitution does not determine that — an irregularity, Mr. Navalny’s representative says, he wants to concentrate on.

The suit was genuinely quick by Russian norms, taking the court somewhat longer than two months to create a decision.

At the last court hearing on Friday, Mr. Navalny said that, paying little mind to the decision, he was resolved to continue with his presidential offer.

“My battle will proceed with,” Mr. Navalny told the court. “I trust I have moral and legitimate rights to partake in this race.”

On Tuesday, Russia’s driving data innovation organization, Yandex, close down Mr. Navalny’s online record, which he had used to gather gifts from supporters. The organization refered to constituent enactment as the reason.

Prior to the hearing on Wednesday, Mr. Navalny demonstrated that he was prepared for whatever may come: He and his better half, Yulia Navalnaya, had gathered a sack with socks, moment espresso, grain, shaving gear and different frill.

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