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Clinton on Trump’s Miss Universe assaults: “Unhinged”

Hours after Donald Trump conveyed a progression of early morning tweets reprimanding Hillary Clinton, a previous Miss Universe and the media, the Democratic candidate conveyed her very own tweetstorm.

Clinton retweeted one of Trump’s initial morning tweets where he called previous Miss Universe Alicia Machado “disturbing” and urged his supporters to look at her sex tape. Clinton tweeted that Trump’s remarks were “unhinged” and afterward shaken off a progression of Trump’s past remarks about ladies.

The “sex tape” charge gives off an impression of being false. Machado had a scandalous however not-stripped scene in an unscripted television appear. Furthermore, obscene recordings have additionally coursed web including an on-screen character who is misidentified as Machado, as per certainty checking site Snopes.

Machado has gone to the bleeding edge of the battle after Clinton brought her up amid the principal presidential level headed discussion. Trump had beforehand called her “Miss Piggy” for putting on weight after she was delegated and “Miss Housekeeping” — an obvious reference to her being from Venezuela.

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