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This designer made Lady Gaga look super cute

Lady Gaga’s for quite some time been known for her pizazz for the sensational — meat dress, anybody? — yet her late style decisions demonstrate that she’s definitely not unsurprising.

In transit Monday to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, Gaga looked beautiful in pink in a tuxedo dress by the Russian creator Valentin Yudashkin. Since Yudashkin has a tendency to adorn his high fashion plans to the maximum with gems, quills and different ruffles, the dress the artist wore appears to be generally severe.

Gaga lit up things up with a dainty pink sack and pointy-toed Casadei pumps. Obviously, the outfit wouldn’t be finished without a couple of fluffy Pierre Mantoux lower leg socks, since tradition be cursed!

It’s affirmed: This star has extend.

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