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Donald Trump has visited a Trump-branded property every 2.8 days of his presidency

For the tenth end of the week consecutively, President Donald Trump is going by a Trump-marked property – consistently with the exception of the initial two after his introduction.

For the 6th end of the week consecutively, he’s hitting the fairway at one of those properties; he’s played golf on nine of those 10 ends of the week.

Altogether, Trump has invested energy at least one Trump-marked property on 28 of the days he’s been president – implying that he visits a property that is a piece of his private business realm more than 33% of the days he’s been in office, or once every 2.8 days. The recurrence at which he hits the fairway is lower: He’s hit the fairway on 17.9 percent of the days he’s been president, or about once every 5.6 days.

By examination, Barack Obama hit the fairway once every 8.8 days over the eight years that he was president. What’s more, he was abraded by his political adversaries for doing as such – including Trump.

The greater part of the visits Trump has made to Trump-marked properties were to Mar-a-Lago, where Trump this week facilitated the leader of China, Xi Jinping. He’ll remain at the resort through Sunday, and he may (as he did on Saturday) go to Trump International Golf Course in Palm Beach, Florida. Trump’s group is cagey about when he really plays golf, most likely correctly due to the contention between his words on the battle field and his conduct in office.

Damage a-Lago is an individuals just office, with the individuals who pay the lofty start expense all of a sudden increasing intermittent nearness to the president and, now and again, his Cabinet and ranking staff. This week, ProPublica detailed that the divider that Trump demanded would be worked amongst himself and his business advantages is genuinely permeable, with Trump ready to get cash from the Trump Organization as he wishes. The free publicizing his properties have gotten from his visit – his golf club in Virginia, his inn in downtown Washington – likely help support those organizations’ primary concerns, and, eventually, his own.

These outings aren’t free, obviously. Each end of the week trek to Mar-a-Lago costs citizens an expected $2 million. The expanded trek this week for the Xi visit absolutely cost all the more, especially given the additional security concerns.

On the off chance that Trump plays golf Sunday, he will have played once every 5.3 days of his administration. On the off chance that he keeps up that pace, he will have played golf 261 times before the finish of his first term. (Obama hit the fairway 333 times over his eight years.)

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