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Donald Trump Takes Aim at Canada’s ‘Unfair’ Dairy Industry

President Donald Trump just focused on another adversary — Canada’s dairy exchange industry.

“In Canada, some extremely unreasonable things have occurred with our dairy ranches,” Trump said amid a discourse at the base camp of Wisconsin-based device maker, Snap-on.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo already marked a letter to Trump asking that he address Canada’s “protectionist dairy exchange arrangements.” The governors said they needed Canada to “respect their worldwide duties under NAFTA and other exchange understandings.”

“In an outright infringement of universal exchange assentions it is gathering to, Canada singularly close down a flourishing business sector for U.S. ultra-separated drain,” the letter states.While in Wisconsin, Trump marked the “Purchase America, Hire America” official request that guides government organizations to prescribe changes to a transitory visa program.

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