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The best bread for making leftover turkey sandwiches


Regardless of the possibility that you cooked the ideal winged creature, Friday’s scraps are just on a par with the cuts they sit on. Here are four of the city’s best breads for making a sandwich tantamount to — if not superior to — the headliner.

Incredible Northern Food Hall

Made without business yeast and left to rise gradually for 16 hours, this Danish bread has a significant, firm outside layer and a tart sourdough season.

Maison Kayser

Give your turkey sandwich a French curve with one of Eric Kayser’s exemplary baguettes, which frequently rank among the city’s ideal. Indeed, even Dominique Ansel is a fan.

She Wolf

This conventional French bread comes in bulky round pieces that are about 2 feet wide and require a long cooking time that yields an extraordinarily dull, nearly caramelized outside.

The Green Grape

This entire wheat baguette has a milder hull however packs a lot of surface on account of a fixing of oats, sesame seeds, millet, poppy seeds and flax seeds. A touch of nectar includes pleasant sweetness that plays splendidly with a tart mustard.


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