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Mary J. Blige is demanding her estranged husband return her Grammy


What’s more, the honor for astringent ex goes to…

Mary J. Blige’s alienated spouse Martin “Kendu” Isaacs is clutching her Grammy grant, which he should hand over in February, TMZ reports.

The “No More Drama” artist’s life is still tormented with dramatization on account of her ex Isaacs, who she charges in new legally binding notes is as yet clutching her prized belonging, including a Grammy, different honors and two extravagance autos.

Blige, 45, guarantees in the records that Isaacs has declined to hand more than one of her trophies, and additionally the two Mercedes’ a C300 and SL550.

The artist additionally expresses that her ex-hubby likewise conned her out of $420,000 in costs of doing business when he served as an administrator.

Blige and Isaacs, 49, have been included in a continuous untidy separation fight with her forthcoming ex requesting almost $130,000 in spousal support and other crazed requests like a private culinary expert, fitness coach and his closet paid for.

The match wedded in 2003 and Blige petitioned for separation in July refering to “beyond reconciliation contrasts.”

“Ms. Blige is disheartened to state the reality of the matter is that she has petitioned for separation saying here and there things don’t work how we trusted they would, however there is a perfect arrangement and an explanation behind everything,” the vocalist’s rep said in an announcement to The News at the time.

It is indistinct if the couple had a prenuptial set up.


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