SEE IT: Justin Bieber has to be held back from fighting during hockey game

Justin Bieber didn’t seem to need a basic “Sad” after a lager alliance hockey rival softened his stick up two.

In footage acquired by TMZ, the pop star can be seen pursuing his frosty adversary before an arbitrator mediates. The ref pushes away the crazed Canuck, who skates away just to get the bits of his smashed gear — his separation with Selena Gomez perhaps setting him up for this minute.

Like a Zamboni seeing an uneven surface, Bieber declines to quit, facing the restricting group’s goalie at a similar arena where the L.A. Rulers hone.

Individuals from both groups rapidly swarm around the goaltender before the ref ventures in and can separate the bone chilling fracas, the video finishing with Bieber skating endlessly like a “Runaway Love.”

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