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Facebook bug has old updates and photos reposted as new

Facebook is by all accounts at the end of the day uncovering the past for its clients, however not exactly in an expected way like the Year In Review video include. An expansive number of clients on Friday started taking note of how irregular photographs and upgrades from months earlier started returning on their courses of events, yet with new timestamps making them seem as though they were simply shared. Turns out the cause is an irritating bug on the informal organization, keeping in mind it’s not known how far reaching it is, Facebook says it’s investigating the issue.

The bug essentially select clients’ more established posts aimlessly and consequently shares them as new. It’s not clear what the correct cause is, but rather the issue appears to have surfaced soon after Facebook revealed the 2016 Year In Review video slideshow. A few clients say the glitch started showing up subsequent to utilizing the Year As a part of Review highlight or upgrading the versatile application.

While irritating, the issue isn’t about as genuine as the issue of fake news spreading on Facebook that has been in the features of late. It additionally comes a month after another bug on the informal community cause practically everybody to be recorded as expired.

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