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German defense minister sparks outrage for refusing to wear head scarf during Saudi visit

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen did not wear the conventional shroud, called a hijab, amid her visit to Saudi Arabia a week ago, and the move is making worldwide waves.

“No lady in my assignment will be required to wear the abaya, as the privilege to pick one’s clothing is a privilege shared by men and ladies similarly,” she said at the time, as indicated by the Express.

Von der Leyen’s choice not to wear a hijab or the abaya, a baggy piece of clothing, amid her meeting with Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed canister Salman al Saud was not completely applauded. Truth be told, a few Saudis took to Twitter to express their displeasure regarding the German government official’s custom fitted pantsuit, as per Middle Eastern news source Al Bawaba.

One deciphered tweet read: “The German Defense Minister: not wearing the hijab in Saudi was consider. This is an affront to Saudi Arabia.”

“Alright so why didn’t they capture her? The affectation and twofold gauges,” read another.

To begin with woman Michelle Obama earned comparative feedback when she declined to wear the head covering amid a visit to Saudi Arabia a year ago. The hashtags #MichelleObamaImmodest and #MichelleObamaNotVeiled inclined on Twitter for a brief span, the Express reported.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, previous Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and previous first woman Laura Bush likewise declined to wear a hijab amid their outings to the Muslim-ruled nation.

Von der Leyen’s choice goes ahead the heels of Merkel’s require a prohibition on the burqa in Germany, contending the Muslim dress is “not fitting here.”

“With us, the run is: Show your face, that is the reason the full cover is not suitable, it ought to be banned,” she said not long ago.

While the standards are casual for going by ambassadors, the basic Muslim clothing regulation is inflexibly authorized for local people. As per reports Tuesday, Saudi police captured — and will probably lash — a lady who tweeted a dissent photograph of herself not wearing a hijab in the country’s capital city, Riyadh.

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