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Google is retiring Google Talk for good, also shutting down several Gmail Labs

Before there was Allo and Duo, before Hangouts was disclosed, there was Google Talk. In some ways, it was superior to the Hangouts stage that supplanted it. Talk had a genuine desktop application, and in the event that you didn’t care for it, you could utilize any XMPP customer to impart. You could even send messages to clients on other XMPP-controlled administrations – an immense contrast from today’s restrictive informing administrations.

Google Talk was eventually refreshed to Hangouts in 2013, yet some of Google Talk’s administrations still stayed dynamic. Today, Google declared in a blog entry that the remaining parts of Talk is by and large totally close down. The Android application will quit working starting today, and for individuals as yet utilizing the Talk gadget in Hangouts, it will change over to Hangouts on June 26.

Google Talk’s old XMPP bolster still stays being used today, since it’s the best way to send and get Hangouts messages outside of the official portable applications and Chrome augmentation. Google says Hangouts will keep on supporting 1-on-1 talks with XMPP, yet XMPP league with different administrations will “never again be bolstered” beginning June 26.

Past Google Talk, the organization is additionally resigning a couple Gmail Labs, refering to Gmail Add-ons as an option for G Suite clients. The labs being closed down incorporate Authentication Icon, Google Voice Player, Picasa reviews, Pictures in talk, Quick Links, Quote Selected Text, Smartlabels, and Yelp sneak peaks.

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