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Hacker takes out dark web hosting service using well-known exploit

A hacker is demonstrating that destinations on the dim web, covered in namelessness, can undoubtedly be traded off.

On Friday, the anonymous hacker started dumping a sizable database stolen from Freedom Hosting II onto the web, possibly uncovering its clients.

The facilitating administration, Freedom Hosting II, was known for working a huge number of destinations that were available through the Tor program; the “dim web” is basically the scrambled system involving Tor servers and programs. Be that as it may, on Friday, the administration gave off an impression of being down. Its principle presentation page was supplanted with a message saying that it had been hacked.

Purportedly, Freedom Hosting II had been facilitating youngster explicit entertainment locales, however its mysterious administrator guaranteed to have a zero-resistance arrangement toward such substance, as per the hacker behind the rupture.

“What we found while looking through your server is over half kid porn… ” the hacker wrote in the message left on the site. “Additionally, you have many trick destinations, some of which are clearly keep running without anyone else’s input to cover facilitating costs.”

In an email to the IDG News Service, the hacker clarified how the rupture came to fruition. “I just as of late read an article about an outstanding endeavor that some facilitating suppliers fell casualties of numerous years prior,” the individual said.

Flexibility Hosting II functioned as a free administration that permitted anybody to join and make a website on the dim web. Nonetheless, beginning on Jan. 30, the hacker accessed its web server, utilizing a 20-stage strategy.

The hack basically included beginning another site on Freedom Hosting II and making a connection to access the administration’s root index. This permitted the hacker to peruse the whole server.

“I was recently inquisitive at first,” the individual said. “I had perusing authorizations to everything the web server could access just by making a symlink to/(the root registry).”

Subsequent to running over kid porn locales, the hacker chose to assume control Freedom Hosting II by modifying its design record to trigger a secret key reset.

“When I discovered what they were facilitating, I simply needed to close them down,” said the hacker, who’s likewise been flowing what he stole through a deluge document.

The landfill incorporates 74GB of documents and a 2.3GB database from the administration, the hacker claims.

“The IP of the server has been spilled, which possibly could uncover the administrator’s character,” the hacker included.

Chris Monteiro, a cybercrime analyst situated in the U.K., has been looking through the information dump, which he said gives off an impression of being genuine. The data incorporates the destinations that Freedom Hosting II had been working, alongside the administrator accreditations to get to them.

The landfill likewise seems to contain a customer database, implying that any individual who utilized Freedom Hosting II may be uncovered, Monteiro said.

“Will see messages, usernames, all of which can be utilized by law requirement for arraignment of individuals,” he said.

Likewise, the landfill contains gathering posts from clients specifying sex with minors, the offer of hacked web records, and documents that reference botnets and web based misleading.

Flexibility Hosting II was the biggest shared facilitating administration on the dim web, Monteiro said. It was particularly intended for clients who needed unknown facilitating, yet who did not have the know-how to set it up, he said.

Notwithstanding, a large number of the locales facilitated by the administration were likely little. “I question we’ll locate any substantial destinations working kid porn,” he said of the information dump.

As indicated by the hacker’s message, Freedom Hosting II was in charge of 10,613 destinations. Notwithstanding, the database dump demonstrates that a greater part of those locales had just a couple of dozen or many client visits.

Troy Hunt, an information break master, said in a tweet that he saw the database dump contained 381,000 email addresses.

“Law requirement will totally have this information, it’s exceptionally open. It likewise clearly has numerous genuine email addresses in it,” he tweeted.

Protection specialist Sarah Jamie Lewis has likewise been inquiring about Freedom Hosting II. In October, she composed that the administration had been facilitating destinations that sold fake reports and stolen Visa numbers, notwithstanding those that worked as individual web journals and web gatherings.

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