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Here’s why individuals are frustrated at Alicia Keys

In case you haven’t observed, artist and fairly individual Alicia Important factors went makeup-free at the MTV VMAs. And while a lot of individuals believed that was awesome, a lot more believed it wasn’t.

“Apparently the ‘no makeup’ look only performs if you are Alicia Important factors,” one customer tweeted.

The 35-year-old seemed to pay the problem with a nearly pitch-perfect tweet: “Y’all, me deciding to be cosmetics 100 % free does not mean I’m anti-makeup. Do you!”
Here’s why I think everyone is disappointed. First, she’s not just doing her own aspect —she’s trying to make a declaration. Important factors announced she would start going makeup-free back in May, observing that she gets able to stone the simple look and even discovers it relaxing to demonstrate her real self.

But she later had written in Lena Dunham’s publication, Lenny: “I desire to God it’s a trend.”
And second, while the understanding of preserving all that period, money and psychological power we invest placing on a experience is interesting, the lamentable fact is that most of us can’t manage to miss it.

Turns out, ladies who invest a while doing their cosmetics and hair actually generate more in the workplace, Lot of money revealed in May. Well-groomed women were bringing in about $6,000 more yearly than their less put-together co-workers.
And then there’s the assurance aspect.

A 2011 study revealed that two-thirds of ladies who converted up for a job without cosmetics said it was more traumatic than a job meeting or a first time frame, according to UK health and fitness meeting The Energy Display. Of the 3,000 lady asked, 70% of them said they would never want managers or co-workers to see them barefaced around the workplace — let alone on level at the top side of MTV’s whole viewership.

Only on Saturday, the “Girl on Fire” artist went on “Today” to announce that baring all was like “not hiding your real self.” Variety and other fairly individual Tamron Area quickly pulled out face towelettes and cleaned her experience fresh.

While that made for good TV and it’s awesome that Important factors believes she’s beginning a trend (complete with hashtag, of course, #NoMakeup), community is centered on looks — and that’s not modifying in the near future. At best, hers is a trend for fairly individuals … still be fairly. Fact is, the popular wealthy looks stunning either way and in this superficial community, not everyone can awaken, go outside and anticipate not to be assessed.
A 2011 Harris study revealed that nearly 50 % of 1,200 women interviewed experienced bad about themselves if they were not dressed in any cosmetics.

Again, not the way things should be, but it sure is the way they are. And it’s not very likely that ladies are going to be accepted for their bad epidermis and under eye sectors just because one popular artist said so.

“If my epidermis was as awesome as @aliciakeys I’d use no cosmetics but my epidermis is pizzas so there’s that,” one Tweets customer had written.
“Alicia keys looks awesome without cosmetics, when I use no cosmetics I look like I’ve been assaulted by 10 keep,” another devoted cosmetics customer tweeted.
And if women concealing under levels of base and cover-up out of concern with adverse looks isn’t evidence enough of our hard-to-overcome trivial world — keep in mind judgmental individuals like this exist:

“Some of yawl (sic) don’t need to adhere to Alicia Keys’ ‘no cosmetics movement’ cuz u reject to rid yourselves of them brown areas. Get cover-up boo,” a public networking customer said.

“Alicia Important factors is doing that no-makeup aspect cause she can manage it,” one guy had written on Tweets. “Some of you ladies look like Krusty the Clown without cosmetics. Don’t do it.”

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