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Katt Williams banned from two Georgia counties, faces five years probation after allegedly threatening bodyguard with a bat

Katt Williams is confronting the outcomes for one of his many captures.

The comic got five years probation and was banned from two Georgia areas on Thursday after he argued no challenge to threatening behavior charges originating from a March episode in which he purportedly undermined a bodyguard with a play club, the Atlanta Constitution Journal reported.

Police found weed and guns in Williams’ home in March when they led a pursuit as a component of an examination concerning claims Williams and two associates beat bodyguard Corey Dixon with a slugging stick and debilitated to murder him after he professedly declined to “participate in criminal movement,” TMZ reported.

As a major aspect of Williams’ supplication bargain, he is banned from Dawson and Hall regions in Georgia, requested to pay a great many dollars in fines and needs to submit confirm for treatment and assessments of outrage administration, substance mishandle and drive control.

The “Friday After Next” star is additionally required to surrender the greater part of his weapons and a total of $16,000 that was seized by powers at the season of his capture.

The arrangement additionally rejected the star’s bothered strike and gun ownership charges, agreeing the Journal.

Williams’ March capture was only a blip in a law-breaking year for the comic.

He was captured weeks to before that occurrence for ambushing a pool supply store representative on Feb. 29 and was captured at the end of the day later in March for striking a gathering of ladies and taking their cellphones when he declined to bring a photo with them, AL.com reported.

On March 30, Williams was discovered on camera battling a 17-year-old boyat a condo complex in Gainesville, Fla., and in April, the entertainer was captured and accused of offense battery after he broadly tossed a salt shaker at an eatery representative.

His latest capture was in September for a remarkable warrant over an episode of tossing a man’s cellphone.

The huge number of captures hasn’t ended up being an impediment on Williams’ profession, in any case, as he’s as of now set out on a U.S. parody visit.

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