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Lady Gaga has a personal bedazzler on call

Some heroes have their very own cooks and back rub specialists available to come back to work.

Woman Gaga has her own bedazzler.

Kerin Rose Gold has been entrusted with decorating the vocalist’s apparel with shimmer — and loads of it.

“We’ve utilized very nearly 50,000 precious stones and 15 yards of gem work texture,” Gold tells The Post.

Among the late centerpieces: Saint Laurent boots canvassed in pink gems for an Oct. 22 appearance on “Saturday Night Live” and Calvin Klein Collection boots for the Los Angeles stop of Gaga’s Dive Bar Tour.

“She’s a whiz,” Gold says of Gaga, “so she needs genius pieces.”

Gold, who experienced childhood in Port Washington, Long Island, started blinging in 1996, when the then-high schooler secured her first cellphone with art store dark gems.

“Despite everything I have it,” the 33-year-old says, “and [the stones] are still there. The work truly holds up.”

She advanced groups for some time in her mid 20s, however a genuine episode of ulcerative colitis drove Gold to an early retribution.

“I was 25 when I hit reduction,” she says. “I understood I at last had my life back.”

She enlisted in NYU’s prestigious MFA program for outfit history, got a gig at Patricia Field’s Bowery store and went on a bling spree, studding modest shades and wearing them to work.

“Patricia Field’s purchasers went crazy when they saw them, yet I was absent,” Gold says. “When they requested that offer them [in 2009], I thought they were prodding me. I didn’t understand other individuals may need my plans.”

Katy Perry caught Gold’s shades for a Paper magazine gathering, and Rihanna was seen wearing a couple amid Fashion’s Night Out in 2009. Brandon Maxwell, Lady Gaga’s design executive, paid heed.

“He used to come to Patricia Field when he was a partner,” Gold says. “When he began working with Gaga, he called me and said, ‘You were decent to me when I was at the base. I’m doing a music video for [the song] “Alejandro.” Can you help?’ ”

An astonishing fellowship was conceived, prompting to more than two dozen pieces that incorporate sparkling horns, a pacifier and even eyebrows that Gaga wore amid shows with Tony Bennett.

Notwithstanding keeping the vocalist in shimmers, Gold, who works out of a Flatiron District studio, retails her A-Morir line of shades for up to $815.

The creator says a couple of Gaga’s boots takes around eight hours to make.

“I utilize stick despite the fact that it gets unfavorable criticism,” she says. “At the point when individuals need to affront my work, they say, ‘She’s a young lady with a paste firearm.’ But every match of Louboutins is made with paste.”

What’s more, the possibility that gems hold enchanted forces? “Eh,” Gold says. “In any case, I do think in case you’re truly sparkling, will have a passionate response. What’s more, what my customers, as Beyoncé and Grace Jones, wear is an impression of their mentality.

“In case I’m peopling venture themselves in a positive light, that is everything I can request.”

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