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Mexican president pledges talks, ‘new plan’ with Trump

Lima (AFP) – Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto said Saturday that his legislature will look for an exchange with US President-elect Donald Trump, who goaded Mexicans with vitriolic assaults on their nation and its kin amid his crusade.

“Even with the positions that President-elect Trump has taken, we are organizing exchange as a way to fabricate another motivation for our two-sided relations,” Pena Nieto said at a summit of Asia-Pacific pioneers.

“For Mexico, our connection with the United States is focal, given the level of exchange and incorporation we have now,” he included amid a roundtable exchange Lima, Peru.

“Mexico, similar to whatever is left of the world, is going to start another period in our relations with the United States, and in exchange terms we need to give that relationship its reasonable esteem.”

He pushed back against Trump’s rings to tear or renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Mexico, the United States and Canada, saying his nation “will keep on being an intense devotee to openness.”

However, he said he is set up to return to parts of the 22-year-old arrangement, including on natural and work issues.

Trump pointedly reprimanded NAFTA and other exchange bargains on the battle field, saying they sent American employments to nations with less expensive work.

The brash extremely rich person additionally offended Mexican workers as crooks and attackers, promised to compel Mexico to pay billions of dollars to fabricate a divider along the outskirt, and undermined to confine the settlements that foreigners in the United States send home.

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