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Brooklyn man who confessed he wasn’t following ‘real Islam’ gets 15 years for supporting ISIS

A Brooklyn man’s tearful concern for following ISIS failed to clout a judge, who blamed him Friday to 15 years in federal jail for plotting terrorist acts.

Abdurasul Juraboev, 27, said he rejected zeal and the ISIS snake oil peddlers he once listened to. He erased away tears as he accepted that what he was following “wasn’t real Islam.”

“I didn’t know my religion rightly,” the Uzbek national said, adding that ISIS fighters and propagandists were “doing many things false.”

Judge William Kuntz, unmoved, smashed him with the maximum blame.

In 2014, Juraboev created online threats to kill then-President Barack Obama and said he wanted to fight in Syria, according to Brooklyn federal prosecutors. And if Juraboev couldn’t bring out havoc overseas, he communicated of doing it in New York, they said.

Juraboev ended up with an airplane ticket to Turkey, where he’d go on to Syria. But authorities jailed him and others in his ring before any run could arise.

Juraboev’s attorneys pressed for a term around the five-year mark. They said the young man got a visa in the green card raffle but arrived to the states without family or colleague.

The “lonely, baffled” gyro shop worker “gravitated towards his religion but instead of religion, it was publicity,” defense lawyer Michael Weil said. Juraboev “never expected to do anything in this nation,” Weil insisted.

Months after his arrest, Juraboev pleaded convicted to plotting to provide material support to ISIS.

Acting Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Bridget Rohde said the blame “holds Juraboev to account for his deals to join ISIS and enlist in potent jihad overseas or bring out a terrorist attack in the United States if he was not able to travel to Syria.”


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