Demented teen was ‘wreaking havoc’ after hitting jogger in Prospect Park

Wild early morning destruction by a crazed teenager who supposedly slammed into a jogger in Prospect Park with a stolen car was just the starting of his area of terror, the Daily News has learned.

Michael Gitelis, 18, stole the Hyundai Sonata in Camden, N.J., at some point after midnight Thursday and careened into Brooklyn, police sources said.

He crowd into Prospect Park and slammed into a 51-year-old woman jogging along the East Drive at about 5 a.m.

She experienced a pelvic fracture, a spinal fracture and a cut to her head.

Gitelis, of Flatlands, discarded the Sonata and three hours later reappeared about 15 blocks away on E. 23rd St. near Avenue J where a 59-year-old woman had stepped out of her car but left it running, sources said.

“He was wreaking havoc,” a police source said.

He jumped into the 2016 Honda and took off. The woman appeared from the store, saw that her car has vanished and called 911.

Cops in the 66th Precinct dappled the stolen Honda on E. 7th St. and pulled it over.

After the cops left their car, Gitelis threw the car into reverse and slammed into their police operator and a parked car, according to police.

He then jumped out and ran off on foot down 7th St. toward Avenue K.

Soon yet another 911 call appeared in. About 15 blocks away, outside a building on E. 13th St. near Avenue N, Gitelis knocked a 61-year-old woman to the ground and jumped into her 2018 Toyota Camry, cops said.

He threw the car into reverse and ran her over, fracturing her knee and cutting her right hand, arm and leg.

Before surgeons rushed her to Maimonides Medical Center, she was capable to tell police that she had left her iPhone in car.

Using the Find My iPhone app, cops tracked the car to Brooklyn Borough Hall and swept in and arrested him at 9:34 a.m., five hours after his wild run started.

Officers Jared Vazquez and Miguel Marquez were credited with making the arrest, sources said.

“When was this buddy going to stop?” the police source said. “Thankfully officers intervened before someone else got actively hurt.”

Cops found the Sonata stolen in New Jersey on E. 23rd St.

Gitelis was hit with a range of charges concluding robbery, assault, auto theft, grand robbery, and leaving the scene of a crash. He was not tipsy, sources said.

Gitelis had been arrested Dec. 1 in Brooklyn for creating graffiti and opposing arrest and on Oct. 20 for burglary.

On Sept. 14, he posted to Facebook, “Anybody knows someone who can provide me 5 hrs of driving instruction b4 Mon?”

He also newly posted a number of angry fatalistic raps about life.

“Torn in every direction … I try to take off the shroud but I’m stuck in a cloud that not floating,” he wrote.

“U keeping me down, feeling alone, feelings be told. Never glowing but ever feels cold. Feels like I’m an elf just working for a magic man that never exists.”

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