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Florida woman stabs brother’s truck over theft of frozen pierogis

They were potentially loaded with potato, she was certainly loaded with fury.

Mandy Rounds of Jupiter, Fla., faces an irritated attack charge in the wake of pulling a vast blade on her sibling in striking back for eating her solidified pierogis, the Palm Beach Post reports.

While at their mom’s home late Tuesday night, the Polish dumpling guard advised her kin she would cut the stolen cooking from his stomach before their risky sustenance quarrel moved outside.

As yet swearing and undermining her sibling, the 36-year-old would take her toll energized dissatisfaction out on the hood of his pickup truck, wounding ceaselessly as his sweetheart sat inside the vehicle.

Rounds was gotten by police about a mile far from her mom’s home, her sibling picking to not squeeze charges for the harm to his truck.

She is at present out of prison on a $1,500 bond.

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