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IAS aspirant kills 7-year-old boy, keeps body for 35 days

IAS aspirant kills 7-year-old boy, keeps body for 35 days
IAS aspirant kills 7-year-old boy, keeps body for 35 days

A civil services candidate killed the seven-year-old son of his landlord and lived with the decaying body stuffed in a suitcase in the same room for 35 days before the stench did him in.
Avdesh Sakya, 27, had kidnapped the boy for ransom on January 7 but developed cold feet fearing police action and killed the child. He had also had a rhetorical spat with the child’s father a few months ago and was seeing to seek revenge, police said.
Sakya was arrested on Tuesday after the neighbours complained of a foul smell emitting from his room in Swaroop Nagar, near north Delhi’s Bhalaswa.
During interrogation, he told cops he had planned to ask for a ransom of Rs 15-20 lakh from the child’s father a few days after the murder but changed his mind. Sakya’s landlords had purchased a new shop for their grocery business in Nathupura market.

In his statement to the police, Sakya said he had lured the boy, Ashish, into accompanying him on the pretext of purchasing him a cycle and confined him at his onebedroom flat nearby. After a few hours, he got scared as the police started a manhunt and decided to kill him.

“I asked him what his parents said about me. The child said that his parents had warned him against visiting my house as I was not a nice person. Seething with anger, I smothered him that moment,” Avdesh told his interrogators, without displaying any remorse.

After killing the boy, Avdesh stuffed the body in a suitcase after wrapping it in a plastic bag. He had since been seeing for an opportunity to dispose it of. However, the police finally managed to crack the case on suspicion and arrested him on Tuesday morning.
The body has been recovered and the accused is being interrogated after being produced before the magistrate. Police have prime facie ruled out a sexual assault, but said that a final confirmation will come only after an autopsy.
According to DCP (northwest) Aslam Khan, an FIR of abduction was registered immediately after the child went missing on January 7. Hue and cry notices had been raised and adjoining police stations informed for clues. Police had questioned around 100 people in the case till date.
The final breakthrough arrived on Sunday, when the area SHO tried calling Sakya for some information about the child and found his phone switched off. They also did not get any calls from him later on updates about the child. They then asked the child’s father to check on Sakya, who found him in his house.
When cops confronted him and questioned about the foul smell, he told them about dead rats in the room. Cops also found 10 bottles of perfumes from the room, none of which he had utilized. He broke down while being questioned on Monday night and admitted to have killed the child.
Cops found the suitcase stuffed under his bed where he usually slept. The child’s body had decomposed beyond recognition. The role of a woman who utilized to visit Sakya often is also being probed.


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