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Ice cream killer called her victims ‘monsters’ in memoir

The Austrian femme fatale nicknamed the “Frozen yogurt Killer” penned a diary of her filthy deeds, calling her casualties “creatures” who transformed her into a savage “mammoth.”

“I murdered two men, whom I once adored. There is no chance to get of shining this over. I burglarized two moms of their children,” Estibaliz Carranza, 36, co-wrote in her book, “My Two Lives, The True Story of the Ice Lady,” with writer Martina Prewein.

Carranza, who is serving a lifelong incarceration for the evisceration homicides of two sweethearts, additionally says in the book that she couldn’t resist being subservient to her male casualties in spite of how seriously they treated her.

“I trusted I needed to serve men, regardless of how they carried on towards me,” Carranza wrote in the composition, which was distributed by Bernhard Salomon of Edition A.

She has declined all returns from the offer of the book “for the [victims’] relatives,” Salomon told the BBC on Monday.

Carranza additionally composed that she thought that it was difficult to sever her association with onetime sweetheart Manfred Hinterberger, 48, who was supposedly having an unsanctioned romance that in the end drove her to viciousness in 2010.

“I couldn’t state no. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t get free of him,” she said.

Carranza, a previous Viennese frozen yogurt shop proprietor, shot Hinterberger in the back of the head, cut him up with a cutting tool, encased his body parts in concrete and covered them in the basement of her Vienna dessert shop. She then hung air fresheners to veil the possess an aroma similar to the rotting bodies.

Two years prior, she murdered her ex, Holger Holz, 36, in a comparable manner and discarded his body a similar way. She was furious at him for neglecting to make her pregnant.

Her violations became known in 2011 after development laborers revamping the cellar of her frozen yogurt shop unearthed the remaining parts inside expansive dessert tubs set in cement.

She got away by means of maneuver to Italy, voyaging 300 miles through the Alps to the city of Udine close to the Slovenian outskirt.

Police specialists could track her whereabouts and captured her in the habitation of a nearby road performer.

She was removed back to Vienna to stand trial for the killings and indicted the next year.

She was sentenced to an existence term in a ladies’ crazy haven, yet quite recently this week arrangements were being made to exchange her to an all-male psychiatric office since specialists trust she’s excessively perilous, a few media outlets announced. It wasn’t quickly evident how the specialists arrived at that conclusion.

Be that as it may, amid her trial, specialist Adelheid Kastner affirmed that there was a higher than normal possibility Carranza would murder once more.

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