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Lancashire nurse gets jail time for stealing prescription drugs from hospital, selling them for cocaine money


A Lancashire medical attendant who was captured in 2015 after she was discovered liable of taking and appropriating physician endorsed drugs got her correctional facility sentence Monday.

Amie Heller, 30, will serve three years and eight months after she confessed to taking and offering zopilone, tramadol, dihydrocodeine and codeine from the Royal Blackburn Hospital where she worked.

The healing center was initially tipped off about the matter from a mysterious guest in July 2015, when an examination was brought out and blunders were found amid a stock check between the drug store demands and what had been regulated on the wards.

Heller kept on working until she was captured 11 days after the fact.

Judge Robert Altham told Heller amid the listening to that her wrongdoing is a “manhandle of force” and truly “strikes at the heart” of the trusted heath mind calling, Metro announced.

“You, Heller, need to comprehend therapeutic experts taking medications from healing centers can’t go on without serious consequences,” he tended to.

“You were in charge of redirecting medications that should have been doled out regulatedly for individuals’ wellbeing and security and you were placing them into an unregulated dispersion and you have manhandled a place of trust to take drugs from individuals who were really sick.”

Heller utilized the money as an “installment in kind” to get a lessened rate on cocaine — something she confessed to utilizing before police directed a court order at her home, as indicated by Metro.

Amid the hunt, officers discovered nine snap packs of cocaine and a container of solution pills with names evacuated in her Ribchester home and in addition confirmation of instant messages amongst Heller and her companions asking for the medications.

The mother-of-one took an interest in the illicit movement for over a month with long-lasting companion and co-respondent Jake Lloyd-Haydock.

Heller and Haydock, who will serve two years and six months — initially denied the charges, however confessed in March 2016.

Both will show up in a similar court May 31 for a Proceeds of Crime hearing.


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