Maine man sets ex-wife’s house on fire, commits suicide as emergency responders look on

A 63-year-old Maine man lit his irritated spouse’s home ablaze before killing himself with a blade before crisis work force reacting to the early Christmas Day blast, powers said.

Terry Whitney and his significant other had been isolated since he was accused of criminal devilishness and abusive behavior at home on Oct. 31. He had been court requested to avoid their previous Fairfield home where his ex still lives, Police Capt. Paul St. Amand told Portland Press Herald.

Be that as it may, in the pre-day break hours of Christmas Day, Whitney headed to the home he used to impart to his better half, slice energy to the house and took out a propane burn alongside a tank of gas from his truck.

Wearing a massive arrangement of dull garments, Whitney then set fire to his truck before splashing two sides of his old home in gas and lighting it ablaze utilizing the light. His better half, who was inside, dialed 911 and figured out how to escape unharmed.

Reacting fire fighters found huge flares licking against both sides of the house and spreading rapidly. The principal officer to arrive attempted to go up against Whitney in the wake of spotting him running towards the back of the home.

After Whitney overlooked yelled orders, the officer conveyed his immobilizer, which demonstrated incapable because of the speculate’s massive dress.

As more officers arrived, Whitney all of a sudden took out a blade and cut himself by the neck. He was raced to a range healing center, however couldn’t be spared.

The couple’s old home just maintained outside harm, yet was considered inhabitable because of a few crushed windows and free electrical wires. The Fairfield Fire Marshal’s office and the Fairfield Police Department propelled isolate examinations concerning the Christmas suicide blast.

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