Ohio mom arrested for driving drunk while 5-year-old clutched wine-filled sippy cup

Elizabeth Louise Floyd, 27, was captured after she was spotted driving unpredictably, with police soon finding she had given her 5-year-old a sippy glass loaded with wine.

As indicated by WCPO, a concerned occupant followed Floyd’s vehicle while talking with powers until police landed to force her over.

A breathalyzer test would uncover that the confused mother’s blood liquor substance was double as far as possible as she tumultuously pitched along the street with her little kid in the secondary lounge.

Floyd would apparently admit to police that she was in charge of giving her kid the boozy refreshment.

She has accused of jeopardizing youngsters, driving impaired and neglecting to drive in checked paths. Free on safeguard and calendar for a Jan. 11 court appearance, Floyd had as of now been captured not long ago for petty criminal offenses.

The Loveland Police Department did not react to a demand for input.

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