Rulers high schooler whose trick call incited SWAT group to slide on Long Island home blamed for many comparative tricks

He’s the ruler of the swatters.

Cops captured a 15-year-old Queens kid whose trick call to 911 sent vigorously outfitted cops dashing to a Long Island home — and who might be in charge of several comparable tricks the nation over, authorities said Friday.

Nassau County analysts captured the teenager on Thursday for making a 911 approach Feb. 5 asserting his dad had been shot and his mom was tied up inside a habitation on Sunnyside Blvd. in Woodbury.

At the point when a Nassau County strategic group touched base at the address at 2 a.m. nothing was discovered, persuading they were a casualty of swatting — where counterfeit 911 calls are made to start a vigorously equipped police reaction at a clueless home or business.

Cops soon discovered that few counterfeit 911 calls had been made giving the Woodbury address in the course of the most recent couple of years, all of which were later resolved to swat occasions.

Nassau district criminologists, alongside New Jersey prosecutors and Homeland Security, penetrated in on the calls and discovered that the Queens youngster, whose name was not discharged in light of his age, was in charge of a few different calls the nation over also.

The kid was accused of heedless danger and dishonestly reporting an episode.

This was not the first run through Nassau County police have been casualties of a swatter.

In April 2015, cops emptied an office working close to the Roosevelt Field Mall subsequent to accepting a false report that somebody with a firearm had taken two individuals prisoner inside.

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