Charter school boss Eva Moskowitz takes photo with protest sign, angering demonstrators outside her home

Achievement Academy contract school supervisor Eva Moskowitz irritated individuals challenging her Wednesday morning when she photograph shelled their show outside her Harlem flat building.

Around three dozen individuals accumulated outside Moskowitz’s home to dissent her association with President-elect Donald Trump, who met with her last week and was thinking about her for U.S. Secretary of Education. Trump named Michigan Republican and instruction dissident Betsy DeVos, 58, to the position Wednesday.

As activists showed against Success Academy notices and alternated criticizing its supervisor, Moskowitz herself appeared with a man and three children. She told the dissidents “Thank-you” and “Glad Thanksgiving” as one of her company took her photograph.

At that point a demonstrator gave Moskowitz a sign. Moskowitz and her gathering robbed for a photograph with it and one tyke flashed a thumbs-up.

Moskowitz and her group went into her building, declining to take correspondents’ inquiries as dissenters scoffed. A representative wouldn’t remark on Moskowitz’s drop in or ID her buddies.

Dissidents were irate at what they saw as a slight.

“My child is getting help since he was manhandled at Success Academy, and she supposes this is a joke,” cried sad previous Success parent Fatima Geidi, who pulled her child from the contract in 2014 and is a complainant in a government suit against the system. “It’s not reasonable what she does and it’s not entertaining.”

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