Homeless woman accused of stabbing black transgender hairstylist released without bail after grand jury declines to indict her

A vagrant blamed for slicing a dark transgender hairdresser on the tram on Christmas night was discharged without safeguard Friday after a Manhattan stupendous jury made no move to arraign her.

Stephanie Pazmino, 30, who says she cut Ijan Jarrett in self-preservation, confessed to a weed ownership infringement.

She was fined $5 by Criminal Court Judge Charlotte Davidson after Manhattan prosecutors said there was no terrific jury activity by the Friday due date.

The judge postponed the $4,000 safeguard set at Pazmino’s underlying arraignment and discharged her until her next court date of Feb. 21.

At Pazmino’s arraignment a week ago, her attorney Elsie Chandler said her customer assaulted Jarrett, 44, of the Bronx, after he “attempted to bring out her eyes with his nails and fingers.”

Police said the cutting happened after Jarrett offered Chandler his seat and she said she “would not like to sit beside a dark man.”

Jarrett required 100 lines to close his injuries.

Chandler said Pazmino likewise was cut close to one eye.

A down and out looking Pazmino said nothing in court Friday past recognizing her blame on the pot charge.

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