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Nikki Haskell Learns the Social Cost of Supporting Donald Trump

Nikki Haskell has pressed many lives into her 75 years. She has been a land handle, a gathering organizer, a spearheading stockbroker, a faction anchor person, a Studio 54 normal, an eating regimen and wellness master, and a socialite. Through it all, she has relied on upon her brains, her eagerness and her aptitude as a social connector to power her through the intense circumstances.

Be that as it may, now she is confronting what might be the most troublesome test of her life: keeping up her position in the social pecking orders of liberal New York and Los Angeles while filling in as a supporter of one of her most established companions, Donald J. Trump, whom she initially experienced in 1974 at Le Club, a dead individuals just nightspot on East 55th Street in Manhattan.

Ms. Haskell said she had a magnificent time at the dark tie, pre-initiation supper held for Mr. Trump at Union Station in Washington on Jan. 19. Be that as it may, throughout the end of the week, in a three-room suite at the Mandarin Oriental, she was by all accounts faltering a bit.

Stuck to the TV on the morning of Jan. 22, she viewed the scope of the ladies’ walks in different urban communities the nation over, and additionally film from the more unruly showings of Jan. 20, amid which dissidents crushed windows, set a limousine ablaze and conflicted with the police not a long way from the Mandarin Oriental. In the wake of watching this stuff throughout the day on a wide range of channels, Ms. Haskell thought an uprising may be in progress.

“You see what’s happening in the lanes, every one of these individuals revolting, every one of these ladies?” she said in a telephone discussion. “Nothing ever happened this way. They never had these uproars — each road, each city, all over the world. At the point when there’s group and absurdity like this, you never know what’ll happen. It’s frightening.”

Given what she was seeing on TV and in her online networking encourages, she was stressed that her vocal support for the new president would make her an outcast.

“I can’t be the main individual in the entire world shielding Donald Trump,” she said. “I’ll be strolling down the road, they’ll assault me. I would prefer not to be assaulted. This is absolutely crazy. I’m hesitant to stroll down the lanes in New York or L.A. I’m attempting to get a network show broadcasting live, which will never occur in this condition. I’ll never have another companion. No one will address me.”

A Charmed Life

Whenever Ms. Haskell was a young lady experiencing childhood with Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, her dad got her six stallions, and she wore custom riding suits, with white wing collars and high silk caps, in shows over the Midwest. Around evening time, her folks took her to the Chicago dance club Chez Paris, where she got to be distinctly besotted with Broadway while taking in exhibitions by Milton Berle, Jimmy Durante, Carmen Miranda and Mae West.

Not long after the family moved to Beverly Hills, Calif., when Ms. Haskell was 13, her dad kicked the bucket of a heart assault and her mom went to work. Ms. Haskell soldiered on. At Beverly Hills High School, she was head team promoter and was voted “Greatest Flirt” in her senior year.

In the Los Angeles of the 1960s, she won a turn challenge judged by Bob Hope and Joan Collins. She dated Tony Bennett and hung out with Frankie Avalon, Fabian and George Hamilton.

She wedded a land engineer, Jack Haskell. In the wake of separating him, she stated, she parlayed the $18,000 settlement into a little fortune on the share trading system.

She remarried Mr. Haskell in 1966, moved with him to 470 Park Avenue in New York and separated him again in 1968. She got her flat in Manhattan, took classes in contributing and was procured at Burnham and Company (which would later get to be Drexel Burnham).

For a long time, she was a stockbroker by day (and one of only a handful couple of ladies taking a shot at Wall Street) and a consistent nearness at Manhattan eateries and clubs by night. She was similarly quiet eating at Elaine’s or judging a Blueboy magazine magnificence show in the meatpacking area. She clowned that she inhabited Studio 54. She made companions with Rick James, Imelda Marcos, Andy Warhol and the Village People.

She hit her walk with “The Nikki Haskell Show,” a charmingly low-spending program on the New York community stations Channel J and Channel 10. In the 1980s, she was the herald of a YouTube star, and her visitors included Michael Caine, Divine, Timothy Leary, Sophia Loren, Diana Ross, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peter Sellers and Peter Ustinov. What’s more, Mr. Trump.

New York magazine called her the “Ruler of Comp” for her propensity for scoring freebies in return for positive attention. Spy magazine, less enchanted by her social climbing, compared her to Pia Zadora.

In the previous three decades, she hosts been a staple at gatherings and advantages. She has likewise changed herself as a business person in the eating regimen and wellness industry as the maker of StarCaps eating regimen pills, which got her stuck in an unfortunate situation with government experts in 2014, on the grounds that its as far as anyone knows “normal” fixings incorporated the medication bumetanide. Ms. Haskell was fined $60,000, The Daily News detailed. (Ms. Haskell put the figure at $70,000.) She additionally offers the Star Cruncher, a bit of practice hardware, through Groupon — “an exercise center in a pack,” she calls it.

A long-term Democrat, she confronted a predicament a year ago when Mr. Trump’s battle for the Republican presidential selection started to take off.

“I’m kind of in a predicament,” she said in her Upper East Side loft last April, “since nothing would make me more joyful in the entire world than to see Hillary Clinton as president. I never imagined that in my lifetime we would have a lady president, and I’ve generally been exceptionally steady of the Clintons. I’m an enlisted Democrat, however I vote crosswise over partisan principals and could never have voted in favor of any other person aside from Hillary, if not for the way that Donald’s running.”

One reason she was inclining toward Mr. Trump was her conviction that individuals were not prepared for a female president. “The way things are all through the world, men simply don’t regard ladies enough,” Ms. Haskell said. “As of now a president being a lady may be hindering. I would rather not state that, however we live in an, exceptionally antiwoman culture.”

In September, Ms. Haskell turned out as an open Trump supporter when she was met for a Politico Magazine article featured “The Real Trumpettes of Bel Air,” in which she said of Mrs. Clinton’s helper Huma Abedin, “I don’t think we ought to have a Muslim in power, somebody working for the president.” After it showed up, Ms. Haskell saw an adjustment in her social position on both coasts.

“That is the point at which everything began,” she said. “It was a catastrophe.”

On decision night, she went to a supper in New York facilitated by an amusement big shot and was the main individual there who confessed to voting in favor of Mr. Trump, she said. Around 3 a.m., Ms. Haskell signed on to Facebook and posted: “How incredible, America wins. We cherish President Donald J. Trump.”

“You should be feeble,” one of her adherents answered.

“U should be embarrassed,” another composed.

On Nov. 10, she made a selfie video in the back of a New York City taxi and posted it on Facebook. “It’s dependent upon us to do our part to make America incredible,” she said. “Regardless of whether you like Donald Trump or not, right now is an ideal opportunity to improve as an America.” Before closing down with her standard farewell (“toodle-oo!”), she reminded everybody to watch her old free shows — now accessible on Amazon Prime — a couple of which demonstrated her talking Mr. Trump when he was a head honcho on the ascent.

Companions separated themselves from Ms. Haskell, she stated, and one bestie dropped her following 25 years of companionship. “I was really in tears when somebody revealed to me they would not like to be my companion any longer since I upheld Donald Trump,” she said.

In any case, Ms. Haskell declined to quit cheerleading. She made another video of herself while riding in an auto down Park Avenue amid the season of the successive shows close Trump Tower and the Trump International Hotel and Tower on Columbus Circle.

Subsequent to communicating dissatisfaction with the walks and dissents (“moronic,” she called them), she said into her iPhone: “Donald Trump is not leaving, and individuals will need to smack their children around and sit them down and instruct them to quit acting like bastards. What’s more, to be Americans and show some signs of life. See you later. Toodle-oo!”

In December, the author Kevin Sessums was tired of her master Trump posts on Facebook. The issue that is finally too much to bear was Ms. Haskell’s posting her 1982 free meeting with Roy Cohn, the tutor to Mr. Trump who filled in as Senator Joseph McCarthy’s direction amid the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954.

“As though that were a breathtaking, awesome piece of film,” Mr. Sessums posted.

A later string targeting Ms. Haskell developed to more than 100 remarks.

Over the occasions, she went by the California home of the motion picture maker Robert Evans, who expounded on Ms. Haskell in his 2013 diary, “The Fat Lady Sang.” He said he had no sensitivity for the individuals who have dropped her in light of her support for the president. “I adore her for it,” Mr. Evans said. “By losing Nikki’s fellowship, they’re the washouts. In any case, she is a champ.”

Control Central

On the evening of Jan. 19 at the Mandarin Oriental suite, which she was imparting to her companion, the reserve raiser and humanitarian Kelly Day, Ms. Haskell began preparing for the dark tie supper at Union Station for Mr. Trump’s contributors and relatives.

“Donald dependably had huge thoughts, huge dreams, and I was constantly interested with that,” she said while doing her eyelashes.

She reviewed first observing him at Le Club. “He was truly good looking, a hot person, and he got my attention instantly,” she said. “He was exceptionally enthralling, even in a discothèque during the evening.” after several months, Mr. Cohn welcomed her to supper at “21” and situated her beside Mr. Trump. “We clicked

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