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Obama insists Trump win no indicator Democrats’ vision for U.S. is ‘a fantasy’

President Obama is “certain” that he would have vanquished Republican Donald Trump in a no holds barred match-up in the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

Mr. Obama as of late joined his previous boss strategist, David Axelrod, for a far reaching meeting on CNN’s “The Ax Files.” The president discussed his youth, Hillary Clinton’s destined presidential battle, and his arrangements for the future in the wake of going out.

“I am positive about this vision since I’m certain that in the event that I had run again and verbalized it, I think I could’ve activated a dominant part of the American individuals to rally behind it,” Mr. Obama said, CNN reported Monday. “I realize that in discussions that I’ve had with individuals around the nation, even a few people who couldn’t help contradicting me, they would state the vision, the course that you point towards is the correct one.”

The president then focused on that President-elect Trump’s capacity to secure 306 Electoral College votes contrasted with Mrs. Clinton’s 232 is not a pointer that “trust and change” was a political fantasy.

“In the wake of the decision and Trump winning, many people have proposed that by one means or another, it truly was a dream,” the president said. “What I would contend is, is that the way of life really shifted, that the dominant part buys into the thought of a one America that is tolerant and different and open and brimming with vitality and dynamism.”

Mr. Obama said that in spite of the fact that “it feels like the band is separating a tad bit,” he would turn a target eye on his execution once Mr. Trump turns into the 45th U.S. president.

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