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Online witches recruit Lana Del Rey to put a spell on Donald Trump, maybe

Lana Del Rey has another collection turning out in the near future, so it’s reasonable for accept anything puzzling she does is only an approach to help you to remember that, but on the other hand it’s conceivable that one of her current tweets was affirmation that she wants to put a spell on Donald Trump.

Here’s the story: the previous evening, LDR conveyed an obscure tweet that contained four dates and the expression “the fixings can b discovered on the web.” I at first accepted it was discharge dates for new singles, yet some Lana fans on Reddit have called attention to that the dates line up precisely with those of a mysterious custom intended to keep Donald Trump from doing hurt, subtle elements of which have been flowing on the web.

In a Facebook bunch devoted to the custom, coordinators take note of that this custom is “an authoritative, not a hex or a revile.”

“As it were, this is not what might as well be called mysteriously punching a Nazi,” the coordinators compose. “Or maybe, it is tearing the bullhorn from his hands, crushing his telephone so he can’t tweet, tying him up, and tossing him in a dull storm cellar where he can’t hurt anybody.”

In the event that you require somewhat more persuading, the photograph that goes with Lana Del Rey’s tweet additionally looks a tiny bit like the notice for the 2016 motion picture The Love Witch. Fortuitous event? Presumably, yes.

Regardless, the primary date is today, February 24th, so in any event a portion of the puzzle ought to be unraveled by midnight. On the other hand perhaps it won’t be.

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