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Panic as officer barricades self in hospital, threatens suicide

ISTANBUL – A furnished cop getting psychiatric treatment blockaded himself into a room at an Istanbul healing facility and endeavored to confer suicide on Wednesday, bringing about frenzy, a clinic official said.

Prior, Turkish media reports said the man had taken specialists and other staff prisoner at Istanbul’s Cerrahpasa clinic.

Be that as it may, Zekayi Kutlubay, the healing facility’s main doctor, said the sum total of what staff has been cleared from the psychiatry unit and the cop was distant from everyone else. He said police moderators are doing whatever it takes not to slaughter himself

“He is distant from everyone else in the room,” Kutlubay told journalists outside of the healing facility. “There is no prisoner emergency … God willing, we will persuade him.”

Kutlubay said the officer had been accepting psychiatric treatment for as long as two years and the police drive had reallocated his firearm.

“The weapon is not his, but rather lamentably he has a firearm with him,” the doctor said.

Turkey is tense after a spate of dangerous assaults, including a furnished strike at an Istanbul dance club amid a New Year’s festival that slaughtered 39 individuals.

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