Woman Sees Screaming Face Of ‘Donald Trump’ Inside Red Pepper

Will this pepper make vegetable bean stew dishes incredible once more?

A lady in southern England was cutting up a red chime pepper when she spotted what she said was the picture of President-elect Donald Trump shouting straight back at her.

“An exchange about Trump and the condition of the world was going on while the veg was being cut up,” Janet Ayers told The Register. “It was as though the pepper was reflecting the discussion.”

Subsequent to getting over the underlying stun, Ayers said she kept hacking up the pepper and added it to the vegetable bean stew she was cooking at her home in Portsmouth.

“We had it for supper and experienced no evil impacts the Trump dinner,” she told The Register. “We are attempting to bear on our lives as typical, after the occurrence, however may approach the following pepper with alert.”

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