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Putin Orders Russia to Recognize Documents Issued in Rebel-held East Ukraine

MOSCOW (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin requested Russian experts on Saturday to briefly perceive common enrollment records issued in separatist-held ranges of eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin said.

The choice will empower individuals from the contention hit district to travel, work or study in Russia.

As indicated by Putin’s request, distributed on the Kremlin site, Russia will briefly perceive personality reports, confirmations, birth and marriage testaments and vehicle enrollment plates issued in the eastern Ukraine locales of Donetsk and Luhansk.

The enactment will be set up until a “political settlement of the circumstance” in these areas in light of the Minsk peace concurs, the Kremlin said.

Battling has as of late heightened in the contention between the Ukrainian government and Russian-supported separatists in eastern Ukraine, refocusing worldwide consideration on a stewing struggle that has strained relations amongst Russia and the West.

The February 2015 Minsk peace assention just bolted the two sides into a stalemate that has been broken occasionally by sharp resurgences of battling that Kiev and the Kremlin blame each other for actuating.

Remote priests of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine met on Saturday in Munich and consented to utilize their impact to actualize a truce in east Ukraine.

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