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Rodrigo Duterte Says Donald Trump Endorses His Violent Antidrug Campaign

MANILA — President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines said on Saturday that President-elect Donald J. Trump had supported his merciless antidrug battle, telling Mr. Duterte that the Philippines was leading it “the correct way.”

Mr. Duterte, who talked with Mr. Trump by phone on Friday, said Mr. Trump was “very touchy” to “our stress over medications.”

“He wishes me well, as well, in my crusade, and he said that, well, we are doing it as a sovereign country, the correct way,” Mr. Duterte said.

There was no quick reaction from Mr. Trump to Mr. Duterte’s depiction of the telephone call, and his move group couldn’t be gone after remark.

Since his decision a month ago, Mr. Trump has held a progression of unscripted calls with remote pioneers, a few of which have broken fundamentally from past American approaches and strategic practice. An approach Friday with the president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, seemed, by all accounts, to be out of match up with four many years of United States arrangement toward China and incited a Chinese call to the White House.

Mr. Duterte has driven a crusade against medication manhandle in which he has supported the police and others to execute individuals they think of utilizing or offering drugs. Since he took office in June, more than 2,000 individuals have been executed by the police in what officers portray as medication strikes, and the police say a few hundred more have been murdered by vigilantes.

The program has been denounced by the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and others for what rights associations have described as extrajudicial killings. In dismissing such feedback from the United States this fall, Mr. Duterte called Mr. Obama a “child of a prostitute.”

In an outline of the telephone call with Mr. Trump discharged by Mr. Duterte’s office on Saturday morning, Mr. Duterte said the two had represented only a couple of minutes however secured numerous themes, including the antidrug battle.

“I could detect a decent compatibility, an energized President-elect Trump,” Mr. Duterte said. “Furthermore, he was wishing me achievement in my battle against the medication issue.”

Mr. Duterte included: “He comprehended the way we are taking care of it, and I said that there’s nothing incorrectly in securing a nation. It was somewhat extremely reassuring as in I assumed that what he truly needed to state was that we would be the last to meddle in the issues of your own nation.”

Mr. Duterte, who has said he was looking for “a division” from the United States, a long-lasting partner, and has debilitated to ban American troops from his nation, additionally said, “We guaranteed him of our ties with America.” He didn’t expound on that remark.

Mr. Duterte additionally said that Mr. Trump had welcomed him to visit New York and Washington, and that Mr. Trump said he needed to go to the summit meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations one year from now in the Philippines.

Mr. Duterte has frequently been contrasted with Mr. Trump for his limit discourse and populist positions.

“I welcome the reaction that I got from President-elect Trump, and I might want to wish him achievement,” Mr. Duterte said. “He will be a decent president for the United States of America.”

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