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Roger Goodell is ‘fine’ with Donald Trump’s comments about Colin Kaepernick

On Monday, President Donald Trump Colin Kaepernick got out previous 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, saying to some degree that “I’m certain no one at any point knew about him.” Those remarks came days after an AFC general administrator disclosed to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman that one reason Kaepernick stayed unsigned was on the grounds that “[S]ome groups fear the reaction from fans in the wake of getting him. They think there may be challenges or [President Donald] Trump will tweet about the group.” Here’s Trump’s reaction, in full:

“What’s more, you know, your San Francisco quarterback,” Trump told a rally in Louisville, Kentucky. “I’m certain no one at any point knew about him. I’m simply detailing the news. There was an article today – I want to report the news and after that they said I committed an error, isn’t that so? I stated, ‘No, the general population detailing the news committed an error if it’s wrong.’ But there was an article today, it was accounted for that NFL proprietors would prefer not to lift him up in light of the fact that they would prefer not to get an awful tweet from Donald Trump. Do you trust that? I recently observed that. I recently observed that. I said on the off chance that I recollect that one I’m going to report it to the general population of the Kentucky. Since they like it when individuals really remain for the American banner.”

NFL chief Roger Goodell was gotten some information about Trump’s remarks.

“That is a remark that he will make and that is fine,” Goodell revealed to ESPN’s Mike and Mike, by means of PFT.

Maybe a few groups are truly worried about the general population reaction to marking Kaepernick, who started the 2016 season by taking a knee amid the national song of devotion. It was the means by which he challenged social disparity. But on the other hand there’s the matter of Kaepernick battling since mentor Jim Harbaugh left San Francisco for the University of Michigan taking after the 2014 season. In 2012 – the year the 49ers went to the Super Bowl, Kaepernick positioned third in esteem per play among all quarterbacks, as indicated by Football Outsiders. He was seventh in 2013. The last two seasons, he’s positioned no superior to 30th.

As far as concerns him, Goodell thinks groups are assessing Kaepernick for his football capacities not for his political convictions.

“Our groups are out there endeavoring to make sense of how they can enhance each of their clubs,” the magistrate said. “They’re settling on the best choices they can. What’s more, will do what they can to enhance their groups and win. That is the thing that they need to accomplish for the fans. With the goal that’s what they’re centered around and that is what we’re centered around. Everybody will make different remarks, and clearly we’re conscious of those remarks, especially from the president.”

Back in August, over two months before the decision, Kaepernick called Trump “straightforwardly bigot.”

Trump’s reaction at the time: “I have taken after [Kaepernick’s choice to bow amid the anthem] and I believe it’s by and by not something worth being thankful for, I believe it’s a frightful thing. Also, perhaps he ought to discover a nation that works better for him, let him attempt. It won’t occur.”

While Kaepernick sits tight for his next NFL opportunity, he is caught up with raising cash to fly sustenance and water to individuals in Somalia. Also, should he get another possibility, Kaepernick will apparently remain for the song of devotion next season.

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