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Russian diplomat eyes new US Afghan policy in Trump era

Russia’s presidential agent to Afghanistan has said the U.S. President-elect Donald Trump ought to change Washington’s longstanding Afghan arrangement.

Zamir Kabulov, President Vladimir Putin’s extraordinary emissary to Afghanistan and executive of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Second Asian Department, made the declaration amid a meeting with Anadolu Agency in Moscow.

“We expect that Donald Trump will tailor another American way to deal with Afghanistan,” Kabulov said.

His comments came right away before the commemoration of the Soviet attack of Afghanistan, which started on Dec. 27, 1979 and finished ten years after the fact.

The Soviet war in Afghanistan – which included nine years of direct Soviet association in the nation – left an expected one million regular people dead, alongside somewhere in the range of 90,000 mujahideen contenders, 18,000 Afghan troops and 14,500 Soviet warriors.

Kabulov rejects the attestation that upwards of one million Afghans were slaughtered amid the contention, taking note of that neither Russia nor alternate nations included kept an exact record of losses.

The “one million losses” figure, he says, was “developed by the Americans” later with a specific end goal to depict the Russians as “butchers”.

He reprimanded Washington’s present Afghanistan procedure and the explanations for the 2001 U.S.- drove intrusion of the nation.

“How about we see the new president, Trump, portray his Afghan approach,” he said. “At that point we will judge.”

Taking note of that the U.S. had spent “nearly $1 trillion” in Afghanistan in the course of the most recent 15 years, Kabulov depicted the consequences of the enormous consumption as “negative”.

Taking a gander at the nation’s present circumstance, he said, “I assume Mr. Trump ought to accomplish something to change it,” in reference to Washington’s Afghan strategy.

Kabulov said Trump ought to address a few issues, which, he attested, are “a matter of concern to Russia, as well as critical local performing artists, similar to China, Iran, Pakistan and others”.

The Russian negotiator additionally scrutinized the way that the U.S. presently has “the privilege to utilize nine major army installations in addition to right around ten more” littler ones in Afghanistan.

Asked whether this game plan was exasperating to Russia, he said: “obviously; why would it be advisable for it to not irritate for anyone?”

“On the off chance that we accomplished something to that effect [i.e., build up military bases] in Mexico, would it not irritate for America?” Kabulov inquired.

He went ahead to state that everything done amid the Obama organization’s “withdrawal” from Afghanistan had been deliberately “figured”.

“Having this foundation as [a] premise, America will require from two to four weeks to redeploy up to 100,000 fighters on similar bases,” the representative said.

Such a situation, he called attention to, would not constitute an “attack” as far as a US-Afghanistan two-sided security understanding.

“The 15-year-old ‘hostile to fear’ talk in Afghanistan” is does not persuade anymore, he said, including that the current U.S. nearness in the nation was not only to train purposes.

“You are not conversing with dumb or absurd individuals,” he shouted. “We know the reasons [for the continuous U.S. military nearness in Afghanistan].”

As to purposes for the U.S.- drove attack of Afghanistan in late 2001, Kabulov said these were somewhat identified with Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

“They [the Americans] lost the greatest army installation in the area,” he said, from which they had possessed the capacity to apply control over unfathomable swathes of the Asian landmass.

“In this way, Afghanistan was for that,” he said. “Since it was an accessible choice.”

Taking note of that there were likewise political and monetary elements behind the 2001 intrusion, he said: “Afghanistan is moderately at the focal point of the three greatest hydrocarbon saves on the planet: the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea and Central Asia.”

Afghanistan, he focused, appreciates simple access to every one of the three.

Asked whether his nation had a peace get ready for Afghanistan, the Russian emissary said it didn’t.

“We are not Americans to make arrangements for different countries,” he expressed. “We don’t have unfortunate propensities.”

“Also,” he included, “we are not wanting to compose meetings [to talk about peace in Afghanistan], on the grounds that we have not been requested that do as such.”

Affirming that meetings alone couldn’t convey peace to the contention ridden nation, he said: “Peace must be between the Taliban and the Afghan government.”

He included: “If there is no adjustment in global endeavors for Afghanistan” – endeavors to enhance its economy, political organization and military – “Afghanistan won’t have a future by any stretch of the imagination; it will vanish.”

“We don’t need this situation,” he closed, “on the grounds that from all records, it is against the enthusiasm of my nation and the whole area.”

“It will be extremely harming and hazardous,” he said.

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