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Russian Plane’s ‘Black Box’ Found in Black Sea After Crash

MOSCOW — The flight information recorder of the Russian military traveler plane that collided with the Black Sea close to the resort town of Sochi, killing every one of the 92 travelers and team individuals on load up, has been recuperated, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

The flight recorder was found about a mile from shore and was immediately exchanged to Moscow, where specialists started dealing with deciphering it, Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said.

The Tupolev 154, conveying individuals from the Alexandrov Ensemble, an acclaimed armed force choir and symphony, smashed on Sunday not long after a refueling stop in Sochi. Twelve bodies have been recuperated, alongside 156 body parts, as indicated by the Defense Ministry proclamation, and all were sent to Moscow for ID. Relatives have recognized only one casualty, it said. Parts of the fuselage, motor and landing gear have likewise been found.

The Russian powers have not precluded fear based oppression as the reason for the crash, yet they have said it is improbable. The information from the flight recorder could be essential in deciding why the plane went down.

On Tuesday, Russian agents said they had found a few onlookers to the crash, including one who recorded the plane taking off in Sochi and falling into the ocean.

The plane was taking the Alexandrov Ensemble, known for its interpretations of established Russian tunes and people tunes, to Syria to play out a show for Russian troops there; nine columnists were likewise on load up, as was Yelizaveta P. Glinka, a conspicuous altruist, who was conveying a shipment of pharmaceutical to a clinic in Syria.

Protection Minister Sergei K. Shoigu requested that 70 flats be doled out to the Alexandrov Ensemble to help it recuperate.

“We ought to reestablish the group however much as could be expected,” Mr. Shoigu said at a meeting on Tuesday. “We ought to lead a challenge, select the best, so they would proceed with the conventions that the Alexandrov Ensemble, the primary gathering of the military, is extremely popular for.”

The Russian powers said the Soviet-made plane, worked in 1983, was actually solid and had as of late experienced repairs. The pilot was experienced, with 1,900 hours of flying time at the controls of that kind of air ship.

The Tupolev 154, once a pillar of the Soviet air transportation framework, has been eliminated by most non military personnel aircrafts, despite the fact that it is still utilized by government offices.

The Federal Security Service offered a few hypotheses to clarify the crash: low-quality fuel, pilot blunder, remote items getting sucked into the motor or a specialized breakdown. The examiners are breaking down specimens taken from the fuel truck that filled the plane.

In light of the crash on Sunday, Russia began a sweeping hunt and-recuperation operation operating at a profit Sea including 45 ships, 12 planes, five helicopters and 192 jumpers, the Defense Ministry said.

Mr. Putin requested the organization of military powers to Syria in September, refering to the need to address the fear based oppressor risk there before it achieved Russian domain, yet so far his fundamental objective seems to have been to prop up the control of the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad.

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