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This is Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry’s new most loved gem specialist

In the event that Johanna Ortiz is the It Colombian attire originator, Mercedes Salazar is the Colombian gem specialist.

“We are not apprehensive of the party development, the shading,” says Salazar. “The world needs those upbeat outlines at this moment.”

Salazar’s curiously large, colorful studs picked up a religion taking after among any semblance of Sofía Vergara (who claims five sets of Salazar’s celebrated “Party” knockers) and Margherita Missoni, who as of late penned Salazar a note spouting about the amount she cherishes her namesake outlines.

Katy Perry began wearing the line after Salazar sent studs to her lodging in Bogota a year ago; she’s been brandishing the super pieces from that point forward.

“We said, ‘We should do it. Perhaps she will wear the hoops, you never know,’ ” Salazar tells Threads. “The following day, she’s on TV with the hoops. She wore them later to Cuba,” she says, including, “We attempt to send her studs like clockwork now.”

A perpetual supply of astonishing hoops: It’s what young dreams are made of.

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