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Syria war: Russian air strike kills Turkish soldiers

President Vladimir Putin has sent sympathies after a Russian air strike coincidentally executed three Turkish troopers in northern Syria.

The warriors were supporting Syrian revolts in endeavors to catch the city of al-Bab from purported Islamic State.

It is a piece of a more extensive hostile by Turkey to push IS and Kurdish contenders far from Turkey’s southern outskirt.

Russia and Turkey, who back contradicting sides in the war, have been mutually focusing on IS in air strikes as of late.

A Russian flying machine assaulted a building where a portion of the officers had been sent close al-Bab, the Turkish military said.

It had been wanting to hit IS targets yet “coincidentally three of our fighters were martyred when a building was shelled where our units were”, it included.

Eleven different officers were injured in the well disposed fire occurrence on Thursday.

The Kremlin has issued an announcement (in Russian) saying President Putin had, in a phone call with his Turkish partner, “communicated sympathies over a disastrous occurrence which brought about the passings of a few Turkish troops in the al-Bab territory”.

The occurrence comes after a warming of ties between the two nations, which had already been strained after Turkey brought down a Russian fly close to the Syrian fringe two years back.

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