Sylvania smart light bulb talks to Siri without a hub

In the event that you’ve set up savvy lights like Philips’ Hue, you’ve presumably needed to interface your knobs to a focal center point – and on the off chance that you didn’t, you might manage with just essential control. Sylvania is attempting to improve. It’s presenting a Smart Multicolor A19 knob that doesn’t require the bothers of setting up a center, however can in any case give you propelled control through Apple’s HomeKit – and by augmentation, Siri voice summons. You just need to adjust the Bluetooth lighting through iOS’ Home application to enlighten a room.

As you may figure, Bluetooth forces a few impediments. You’ll require an Apple TV or iPad to serve as a center point in the event that you need to control the globule when you’re not inside range. Still, this is possibly a more astute decision than many savvy lights on the off chance that you live in an Apple biological system and feel that a center point would just act as a burden. There’s no say of estimating starting yet, yet you ought to see Sylvania’s most recent knob achieve Amazon by mid 2017.

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