Theresa May thinks Donald Trump is a gentleman

Gallantry is not dead.

English Prime Minister Theresa May said President Trump’s holding her hand amid a White House visit demonstrates that he’s a “man of his word,” as indicated by a report.

“I think he was really being a man of his word,” May revealed to Vogue Magazine in a meeting distributed Monday. “We were going to stroll down an incline, and he said it may be somewhat ungainly.”

May said the two partners had a considerable measure in like manner amid her January visit to Washington.

“I get a kick out of the chance to think we got on,” May said.

“That is to say, clearly he has . . . it was a dazzling decision triumph, in that he’s somebody who has not been included in governmental issues,” said May, the second female British leader after with Margaret Thatcher.

She revealed to Vogue that ladies had gotten some information about his “inadmissible” remarks about ladies amid the meeting, yet she wouldn’t state if the theme came up.

“We don’t remark on private discussions that occur,” she said. “All I would state is, I’ve been clear: I’m not reluctant to raise issues. Furthermore, the nature of the relationship is to such an extent that we ought to have the capacity to be completely forthright and open with each other.”

Be that as it may, Trump didn’t appear to be so active amid a week ago’s visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the White House.

The president was reprimanded for not shaking hands with the German pioneer amid their initially meeting, which many saw as a scorn by Trump.

White House representative Sean Spicer said Trump just did not hear Merkel ask for a handshake.

“I don’t think he heard the question,” he said.

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