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Vladimir Putin dismisses Donald Trump dossier claims as ‘rubbish’

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that a dooming dossier on US President-elect Donald Trump was “false” and rejected charges that his nation’s security administrations had been observing Trump as “garbage.”

Putin clarified Tuesday he knew about a portion of the unverified affirmations about Donald Trump in a dossier arranged by a previous British knowledge specialist. The dossier was distributed in full by Buzzfeed seven days back. As CNN already detailed, Trump and President Obama were told about the dossier by senior knowledge authorities, who cautioned that Russia may have accumulated bargaining material on the President-elect.

“These things that have been asserted are obviously false data,” Putin said amid a joint news meeting in Moscow with the Moldovan president.

“Without a doubt when (Trump) came to Moscow – I don’t recollect when, a couple of years back – he was not a political on-screen character. We didn’t think about his political aspirations. He was only an agent, one of the rich individuals of America. What do you think – we have extraordinary security administrations pursuing each American extremely rich person? Obviously not. It is finished trash,” Putin included.

Putin clowned about the assertions before enthusiastically safeguarding Trump and assaulting the individuals who arranged and distributed the dossier:

“Did Trump truly come and meet with Moscow whores? Firstly he is a grown-up, and besides he is a man who for a long time has sorted out a wonder show, associated with the most excellent ladies on the planet. It is difficult to trust that he hurried to a lodging to meet with our young ladies of a low social class, in spite of the fact that they are the best on the planet,” Putin said.

“However, at long last, you know, what I need to state, prostitution is a genuine, terrible, social wonder, young ladies do this associated with the way that they can’t survive whatever other way and that is an issue of society yet individuals who arrange false data and spread this data against the chose President, who create it and utilize it in a political battle, they are more awful than whores,” he included.

The Russian pioneer likewise said he had never met the President-elect.

“I don’t realize what he will do on the universal stage. So I have no establishment to reprimand him nor to shield him,” Putin included.

The allegations against Russian security authorities were exhibited in a two-page summation, added to a give an account of charged Russian impedance in the 2016 race.

The affirmations came, to some degree, from updates assembled by the previous British knowledge agent, whose past work US insight authorities consider dependable. The FBI is researching the validity and precision of these claims, which are construct principally with respect to data from Russian sources, yet has not affirmed numerous basic points of interest in the updates about Trump.

Trump expelled the claims as “fake news” at a news gathering a week ago.

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