Welcome to Donald Trump’s Ignorant America

The day preceding Donald Trump’s introduction as president of the United States – a real occasion occurring in the universe we live in – news broke that his organization arrangements to dispose of the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities. Furthermore, I needed to shout.

This is Donald Trump’s America: one where things like craftsmanship and books and science and learning and astute thought of confused issues are regarded useless and hurled aside. This can’t shock after the Trump we saw on the battle field, the man who never addressed a question with a clue of knowledge or profundity. In a meeting this week, he couldn’t name a solitary book he’s perusing. He’s named a secretary of instruction who needs to demolish government funded schools. He allegedly offered a famous against inoculation lobbyist a position driving a commission exploring immunizations. He called a dangerous atmospheric devation a Chinese deception.

Obviously he’s disposing of the NEA and the NEH. What utilize does Donald Trump have for the things that make life lovely and great? He encircle himself with plated grotesqueness. He’s an extremely rich person who hangs a Renoir multiplication in the $100 million abattoir he lives in, in light of the fact that why might he need a unique? He has enough cash and notoriety to access to the finest tailors on the planet, and his suits don’t fit. His hair is dumb.

I know, I’m negligible. I’m a showoff. I’m a liberal elitist, and elitist liberal highbrow character is the reason Trump won. Guess what? I couldn’t care less. I’m sick of boring the weight of social sympathy when nobody approaches the people who voted in favor of the bigot, misanthrope manbaby to take two damn seconds to consider the ethical ramifications of putting an insensible pussy-grabber into the most capable employment on the planet.

We have a president who doesn’t read books. He doesn’t read books. Indeed, even George W. Shrubbery read books, despite everything he figured out how to wreck the economy and trap us in two unwinnable wars. What abhorrences will Trump visit upon the country and the world? In what manner will he change America for the more terrible?

Obviously Donald Trump needs to annihilate the administration’s (honestly pitiful) endeavors to advance the humanities and expressions of the human experience. It’s not quite recently that those things have never had the smallest effect on his life. (Envision having an insightful discourse with Donald Trump about a bit of workmanship. A work of art. A melody. A sonnet.) expressions of the human experience and humanities are instruments for getting at reality of things. Trump despises reality. He wraps himself in consoling lies about everything from the span of his hands to the measure of his Electoral College triumph. He doesn’t simply lie always, he names reality a lie, the tellers liars.

We won’t subsidize open craftsmanship programs, yet we’ll have Breitbart in the White House preparation room. We won’t subsidize verifiable protection ventures or social investigations, however the president will assault columnists on Twitter.

Trump doesn’t have arrangements to make America incredible once more; he will revamp America in his own particular picture. He supposes workmanship implies mortar statues of hawks that seem as though they left SkyMall. He supposes news originates from Morning Joe and Fox and Friends. He isolates books into two classes: those with his face on the cover and those without. (He doesn’t read either kind.)

Trump doesn’t speak to a move to one side; this is more destructive than a basic change of gathering. Donald Trump speaks to the dim side of human instinct: offensiveness, obliviousness and dread. He needs to construct a goliath divider, a demonstration as opposed to the possibility of workmanship. He won on the guarantee of forbidding a religion from moving, a dismissal not simply of a whole culture but rather of culture itself.

This is our new president: a man who delights in dismissing truth and anything that helps us discover it. He needs to make America look more like him. We can’t give that a chance to happen.

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