JNU students gherao admin office over attendance rule, demand deportation of VC Jagadesh Kumar

Students of Jawaharlal Nehru University on Thursday were seen affirming against the recently introduced compulsory minimal attendance rule by the administration.
Students had collected outside the JNU administrative block in huge numbers to raise their demands with the JNU vice chancellor Jagadesh Kumar.
A circular was issued by the Jawaharlal Nehru University in which students were informed that requests for fellowships/scholarships will be processed only if the students have got the minimum attendance of 75 %, and if they fail to do so, they “will not be provided with any university facilities such as hostel, medical etc.”
Students had collected outside the administration block to meet the vice Chancellor and submit a memorandum against the compulsory attendance move. Some members of the student union were fined Rs 10000 which they are supposed to pay by February 23.
“Our principal demand would be the removal of the Vice Chancellor from his office,” Jawaharlal University Students Union (JNUSU) Joint Secretary Shubhanshu Singh told news agency Press Trust of India.”
The student were charged because they were seen protesting outside the administrative block, violating the Delhi High Court’s 100-metre order.
The student union in a statement said that they have been trying to meet the Vice Chancellor since a long time and discuss the compulsory attendance problem with him but the VC of the university tweeted images of students collected outside the administrative building saying that the students were agitated and did not let some professors enter the administrative building. The students on the other hand are accusing the VC of lying. They said that he is doing this to divert the problem of compulsory attendance.
The students said that the VC utilized social media to blame students who have been patiently waiting for him to hold a meeting with them which only displays the true colours of the administration. They went on to say that the VC has become habitual of imposing his anti-student policy without any discussion and this is evident from the unilateral seat cut, fundamental changes in Mphil-PhD rules, scrapping of deprivation point and now the unilateral imposition of compulsory attendance.
Vice Chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar on the other hand accused students of holding protests which were not peaceful. He said that two rectors tried to talk to the agitated students and promised them to manage a meeting provided they do not continue to violate the HC order and go back to their classes.
The students however, did not leave and mistreated their own teachers. The situation got escalated further when one of the rectors blood pressure got high and he had to be taken to the hospital urgently.
An ambulance was called and some JNU professors along with the guards shifted him out of the admin building, said the VC.
Jagadesh Kumar further appealed the students to hold peaceful means for dialogue to resolve any problems.
The area around the admin block saw a lot of chaos and it was later in the night that the students decided to leave but they told the administration that they would be back today with their demands which they want to be addressed as soon as probable.

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